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Micah is a fun, friendly, and professional member of our team. He’s a nerd for many things, from D&D to woodworking, drumming, and cocktails, there’s never a lack of conversation with him around. He’s as comfortable in jeans and a t shirt as he is in a suit and tie, so no matter the event, he’s prepared.

Micah’s a native Tennessean but has lived all over and he’s been in the service industry for over 10 years. He’s worked everywhere from kitchens in fast food, to the dining room of a Relais & Châteaux restaurant. He’s worked at Canlis in Seattle, Jeff Ruby’s, Merchants, and Barcelona Wine Bar here in Nashville, and he’s picked things up from every one of them, culminating in a well-rounded, “Jack-of-all-trades” bartender.

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